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Simple Samhain

The word Samhain means end of summer. The third of the harvest festivals on the wheel of the year. This time has many festivals and names through time and cross cultures. They all have similarities around harvest and honoring the dead.

I get asked a lot by friends digging deeper in to their spiritual practice, exploring holidays and their roots, or simply connecting with the rhythm of nature,… how do I celebrate?

Below is a list of symbols, colors, animals, crystals and herbs to enhance your journey.

There are many activities, nature walks, cooking and feasts, carving pumpkins, divination and setting altars for this season are a few ideas. You can set an alter for ancestors and this is practiced in many cultures and sometimes called an ofrenda. Favorite foods items or offerings can be left by photos. During this time the veil between worlds is thin so communication can be easier. This is also why many of the herbs and crystals listed help with divination and protection.

Candles in black for protection, Orange to represent harvest and white for peace and purity.

Animals like the Owl and the Raven are messengers. The Bat seen often as evil was actually a welcome sure to farmers and a protector of crops similar to a cat who protects the grain stores. Give gratitude for the jobs they have and importance to harvest.

Cooking soups, breads, and warm drinks with apples pumpkins and other root vegetables is another activity. This celebrates the final harvest. Pumpkin carving started as turnip carving as that was the common and available vegetable.

Even the well known custom of trick or treating dates back. Children and poor would go door to door on the Eve of All Souls. They would offer to pray for loved ones lost in exchange for coins or soul cakes. Dressing up was fine even further back when the vents would disguise themselves as the very demons they wished to protect themselves from on the night when worlds collide. Burning fires through the night to both lead the ancestors in and ward off the evil. Today still leaving candles in windows to guide loved ones home us practiced. How do you celebrate this season what is something new you will add to your celebration this season? Share below if in our fb community

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